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Piccolo Session: June 18, 2018

Tracks 1 - 18:
Jean-Michel Pilc (piano), Rémi Bolduc (alto), Kevin Dean (trumpet), Jean-Nicolas Trottier (trombone), Lex French (trumpet), Evan Shay (tenor), Pierre Mendola (flute), Thomas Daudlin (baritone), Cole Birney-Stewart (bass) and Aaron Dolman (drums).

Track 19-31:
Jean-Michel Pilc (piano), Frank Lozano (tenor), Evan Shay (tenor), Rémi Bolduc (alto), Kevin Dean (trumpet), Levi Dover (bass) and Jim Doxas (drums).

Recorded at Studios Piccolo, Montreal, Quebec by Charles-Emile Beaudin. Mixed and mastered by Mathieu Bourassa.